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Who we are?

FlyfoneTalk is one of leading technology companies dedicated to provide tele-communication & IT products, especially initial turn-key international call center set-up function and call center solution. Our core businesses fields include:

  • Call Center & CRM solution
  • VoIP termination
  • SMS text messaging
  • VoIP customization solution

Our headquarter’s in suite 901, Level 9, The Hong Kong Club Building, 3A Chater Road Central, Hong Kong.

Call Center and CRM Solution
VoIP Termination
SMS Text Messaging
VoIP Customization Colution

Our strongs

We offer an integrated service model in approach of a deep understanding of the tools that you can provide a highest quality of service to your customers. 

Whether you are under substantial pressure to trim costs, expand quickly, improve customer satisfaction, or expand to the Asian market, FlyfoneTalk is the right partner for international call center setup for you. Manage your outbound and inbound calls for your business.

Our services and solutions are highly rated at the following criteria:

  • Effective cost saving
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • International ready-to-use connectivity
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Process maturity and scalibility

Our featured products include:

  • Cloud Call Center
  • CRM/CMS integrated system
  • Worldwide DID local & Toll free number
  • Worldwide SMS broadcasting

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Everything you need to build and run a Call Center for customer support, telesales, telemarketing or help desks

FlyfoneTalk Telecom Ltd

The Hong Kong Club Building – 3A Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong

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