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A Complete Cloud Contact Center

You can launch your new contact center almost immediately and enjoy all advantages of a cloud computing environment. No hardware expense, no software licensing fees, and no implementation or maintenance team to hire.

Our Cloud CallCenter infrastructure also support a comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface) so that you can integrate our Call & SMS service into your existing back-end (CMS/CRM,…). It’s just a simple and quick deployment as many of our customers are using it.

ACD – Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distribution or ACD, is a tool commonly used in the telephony industry. ACD systems are commonly found in any office that handles a large volume of inbound calls. The primary purpose of an Automatic Call Distributor is to disperse incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills.

Our Inbound Call Center Advanced Features

  • Skill-based Call Routing
  • Account-based routing
  • Priority, FIFO and preferred routing
  • Wait time notification
  • Pre-integrated with IVR to enable advanced call handling capabilities
  • Voice Mail integration
  • Recording Support

IVR – Interactive Voice Response

With IVR (Interactive voice response) feature, we provides an extremely smart and flexible solution to access information and perform important tasks using the phone keypad. IVR system can help to direct customers to the right support channel they need.(e.g.: Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for promos, Press 5 to talk to an executive, etc.)

It is a perfect feature to build an interactive voice-menu suiting your needs in the language of your choice. IVR can accept input from callers, usually in the form of pressed phone keys, and can accept voice input and in some cases translate that into actions. It’s also useful to setup time conditions: Out of Working/ Holidays/ Promotion announcement…

Connect Local Hotline / Toll Free Worldwide

Local hotline or Toll free number allows you to extend the international reach of your business with limited costs. Our Cloud Call center maintains a supply of toll free and local phone numbers from more than 50 countries and 4,000 cities.

With our ready-to-use local hotline and toll free number, you can have a local presence in any country that your business growing across the globe.

Monitoring Call Operation Efficiency

Our Call Center allows supervisor to evaluate agent performance in measurer of the call activities based on monthly/daily/hourly dialed calls, talk time, wait time, abandon calls. The performance can be evaluated in the basic of single agent, or a group and department (Telesales team, VIP team, Retention team)

Call center leaders who are actively managing queues and agents, have the ability to listen to calls, monitor and change agent status, prioritize and redirect calls. Our tool provides true depth into your organization’s calls, including such features as silent monitoring of agents and queues, real-time status of agents and queues. Generate real-time or scheduled reports in different formats that provide detailed insights on queue and agent performance from anywhere

All Call Recording Management

With the ability to quickly and easily access 100% of your organization’s calls, you can control all conversations your team talked to customers and dramatically improve your agents’ performance and increase your customer satisfaction scores to drive top and bottom-line improvements.

  • 100% call recording hosted in our private cloud computing for greater reliability, security and availability.
  • Web-based Recording Management
  • Sort by agent name, extension number
  • Filter record by: Date, Agent, Destination, Call Type
  • Multi-level permission access restriction

Real-Time And Powerful Report System

The call report reports provide rich insight into agent performance and behavior. At the click of a mouse, leaders have access to agent productivity metrics (calls handled, talk time, abadon calls etc.). 

Outbound Report
  • Report updated in realtime:
  • Agent performance report.
  • Timely report: Monthly, Daily, Hourly outbound call report.
  • Hangup side.
  • Detail report: call time, agent name, customer number, begin time, hang-up time, hold time, call status, …
  • Hangup side.
  • Export to Excel
Inbound Report
  • Report updated in realtime:
  • Agent performance report.
  • Handled call report.
  • Abandon call Report.
  • Hangup side.
  • Detail report: call time, agent name, customer number, begin time, hang-up time, hold time, call status, and many other…
  • Export to Excel
Call Monitoring
  • Call recording management:
  • 100% Recording.
  • Multi-format Voice Recording.
  • Web based management and online listening.
  • Listen right after call complete.
  • Sort by: phone number, agent, call time
  • Export to Excel

SMS Mass Sending Tool

Regardless of what you want to send out – promotions, discounts, updates, or notifications – SMS mass sending tool lets you reach thousands instantly and globally. It’s very common nowadays to strengthen and improve relationships with customers by sending special promotions and satisfaction surveys.. by text messaging

  • SMS scheduler allows you to schedule an SMS sending at the future events
  • Track real-time results and use analytics to better approach your future campaigns
  • Blacklist management to keep your SMS away from user complaints.
  • Global reach to more than 50 countries in the World
  • Any country. Any volume. Any scale. Send SMS globally in minutes using our messaging service.

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